Don’t Buy a New Water Heater in New Orleans if a Water Heater Repair Will Do the Trick

bienvenu-10-off-service-callDon’t panic if your water heater leaks or stops working properly. In many instances, simple water heater maintenance and repairs can save you from buying a whole new water heater. Depending on the age and condition of your water heater, our plumbers may have a relatively inexpensive, yet effective solution. If your water heater in New Orleans is suffering from any of the following issues, give Bienvenu Brothers a call today!
A Water Leak – There are a couple different types of water leaks that water heaters can have. Obviously, if the bottom of your water heater has corroded to the point that the tank is leaking, it’s time for a new water heater. But if your water leak is coming from the relief valve, you may just need to turn down the thermostat and replace the relief valve. There may also just be a leak on a water connection to the heater that can be easily repaired.
A Funky Water Odor – Bacteria can develop inside water heater tanks, leaving your water with an unpleasant odor. Our plumbers can flush out your water heater to cleanse it of this problem. However, this is generally only a temporary solution because water odors can also be a sign that the anode rod has completely deteriorated and needs replacement.  Depending on the age of the water heater, repair or replacement options should be discussed with one of our professional plumbers.
Odd Noises – Usually, if you hear strange noises coming from your water heater tank, you have a buildup of sediment. This issue is more prevalent with gas heaters when water his being heated in the tank. Again, flushing out the tank should fix minimize this issue.
No Hot Water – If the pilot light is on, the issue is often caused by a faulty water heater control valve.   Pilot lights that continuously go out are generally caused by a bad thermocouple.  If you replace that and are still having problems with the pilot going out, the main control valve magnet to the main gas valve for heater is weak or bad and the control valve will need to be replaced.  When an electric water heater is not producing hot water, it’s often due to the thermostat or upper heating element.
Water That’s Rust-Colored – It can be disturbing to see rust-colored water flowing from your tap, but it’s generally not something to be overly concerned about. Usually it is caused by surface rust in the piping system and will clear up within 30 seconds.  This rust could also be coming from the water heater tank that has an anode rod that dissolves slowly to prevent rusting.  When the rod is gone, you’ll begin to see that rust-colored water, but our plumbers can replace your anode rod in a jiffy!  If, however, you are seeing extensive discoloring in the water for longer periods, it is an indication that it’s time for a water heater replacement or perhaps a hot water piping system replacement or both.
Our plumbing company specializes in both tank and tankless water heaters, and we’ll be happy to diagnose and repair any issues that you may have. For water heater service in New Orleans, call Bienvenu Brothers!