Slab Leak Repair in Metairie and New Orleans LA

Slab Leak Repair Metairie, LA

Too often, pipes running beneath flooring can burst and cause damage to our homes’ slabs and foundation. When this occurs, this is technically called a slab leak; if left untreated, it can cause permanent damage. That’s why Bienvenu Brothers specializes in slab leak repair within the Metairie community. We recognize this is a legitimate area of concern for homeowners and property owners alike.

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- Rozane Keppner

Maintenance Prevents Issues with Untreated Slab Leaks

Should you face untreated slab leaks, you could be dealing with a costly home repair job down the road. By taking preventative measures now and preventing slab leaks through regular maintenance, you’re ensuring that your home’s foundation and the materials that make up your house remain in good condition. With stronger pipes reinforced against slab leaks, your home can withstand heavy water use.

Expert Tips
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.
Dealing with a slab leak can be a stressful situation, but here's a pro-tip to ease your worries. If you suspect a slab leak in your Metairie, LA home, don't delay in seeking professional help. Ignoring the issue can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. Remember, early detection is key! Keep an eye out for signs like damp carpets, unexplained water puddles, or a sudden increase in your water bill. Acting promptly will not only save you money but also protect your home from potential structural damage.
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.

Slab Leak Presence in Metairie

A slab leak is the last thing we like to see with our customers in Metairie. Although it happens, we know it is preventable. Should this be on your radar as a concern – as it should be – enlist the help of Bienvenu Brothers.
Through regular maintenance and preventative measures, we ensure that our technicians are doing everything they can to prevent slab leaks at your home. Leaks are a costly problem for your home to endure, so Bienvenu Brothers does its best to combat them.

Slab Leak Repair Cost

When your concrete slab foundation begins to leak, the costs for repair will rise the longer you wait. It is best to bite the bullet and call in the right repair company as soon as possible to ensure the problem has been fixed in a timely manner and in the correct way. To simply detect the leak, the average cost is between $125 and $400. Then comes the actual repair, which involves using a jackhammer on the concrete foundation and repairing the leak. The cost for this particular job will cost around $500 to $800 to repair. Some homeowners may find they pay $1,000 to $4,000, however. This all depends on local rates and other factors that play a major part. You will most likely pay over $1,000 in total to have a slab leak repaired completely. It is costly, but not as bad as if you let conditions worsen.

Concrete Slab Leak Repair

A lot of homes these days are constructed on top of a concrete slab foundation – a single layer of concrete that is a few inches thick, which generally rests on crushed gravel. Pressurized water pipes and sewer lines are often inserted underneath this slab before it has been poured in place. Unfortunately, these pipes can often deteriorate, creating a slab leak in the home.

Slab leaks tend to be quite hard to detect, though the common symptoms include spikes in your water bill, lower water pressure, and a constant sound of water running. Once the leak occurs, the foundation of your home may begin to crack or settle. Mildew may form in the walls of the basement, and the floor could feel warm if the hot water line has begun to leak in certain spots. It is important to find the problem and repair the issue as quickly as possible before conditions worsen.

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