Dehumidifier Installation Services in New Orleans & Metairie, LA

Dehumidifiers New Orleans & Metairie, LA

Do you find yourself constantly suffering from allergies? Are you surrounded by harmful allergens, such as dust mites or mold? Does the air in your household tend to feel a bit stale and musty? If any of these are the case, investing in a quality dehumidifier may be an excellent option for you!

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Dehumidifiers function by removing moisture throughout your home and reducing overall humidity levels, which eradicates dust or mold and improves your home’s general air quality.

Also, dehumidifiers can help prolong the lifespan of certain items in your home, such as your mattress, bedding, or expensive electronic items. If mold or mildew creeps into your mattress, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. The same goes for most electronic items – once your TV has been inflicted with excess moisture, it’s pretty much irreparably destroyed. Therefore, it’s important to enact preventative measures in your home to ensure that your air is injected with the optimal level of humidity. This is where a dehumidifier steps in!

Expert Tips
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.
When using a dehumidifier, it's important to find the right balance. While it's tempting to set the humidity level as low as possible, excessively dry air can cause discomfort and even respiratory issues. Aim for a relative humidity of around 45-50% for optimal comfort and to prevent mold growth. Regularly clean and maintain your dehumidifier to ensure its efficiency and longevity. Remember, a dehumidifier is a tool to improve your indoor air quality, not a solution for poor ventilation or water leaks. If you need professional assistance with dehumidifiers in Metairie, LA, our team is here to help!
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.

In addition to keeping your furniture and other household items safe, dehumidifiers simply make you feel more comfortable – even in winter months or on colder days, the air in your home can still be susceptible to harmfully high levels of humidity. By installing a dehumidifier in your home, you’ll feel more comfortable during the day and at night.

Whether you’d like to be surrounded by allergen-free air, you’re concerned about preserving the lifespan of your household items, or you just want to improve your overall air quality, Bienvenu Brothers has the top-notch expertise to help you. In addition to dehumidifier installation, our team of highly-skilled experts provides a range of helpful services to make your home feel as comfortable as possible, no matter the season or outside temperature.