Heating System Installation in Metairie and New Orleans LA

A man performing heating installations in New Orleans, LA

Do you need to replace your current furnace or install a new furnace in your New Orleans home or business? Then you’ll want to talk with one of the experienced technicians at Bienvenu Brothers about your installation options.

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- Rozane Keppner

When It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

If the age and condition of your furnace mean purchasing a new model might be the best option, one of our Bienvenu Brothers technicians will guide you through the process of choosing a new unit, explaining the advantages and drawbacks of the available models so you can feel confident you are making the right choice for your home. We’ll also take care of any necessary permits and inspections to ensure your new furnace complies with local safety and building codes. Finally, we will handle the installation from start to finish to prevent problems that can stem from inexperienced workmanship.

Expert Tips
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.
Choosing the right furnace size is crucial for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. As an expert in furnace installation, I advise homeowners in Metairie, LA to avoid the common mistake of selecting a furnace solely based on price or brand. Instead, consider factors such as the size of your home, insulation, and climate. A furnace that is too small will struggle to heat your space, while an oversized one will waste energy. Consult with a professional to determine the ideal furnace size for your specific needs, ensuring a cozy and cost-effective heating solution.
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.

A Word About Energy Efficiency Ratings

Every furnace sold in the US carries its efficiency rating, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (ASUE). This rating shows how efficiently the unit will consume its fuel. Furnaces with a higher rating will consume less fuel and therefore be less expensive to operate.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are less expensive than their gas counterparts. However, the initial savings you may enjoy at first will disappear over time, since the cost of electricity is higher than that of natural gas, making this a more expensive heating option on a monthly basis.

Gas Furnaces

Despite requiring a larger initial investment, gas furnaces carry a lower operating cost than electric furnaces. If your home is already serviced with natural gas, this may be a very viable and cost-effective heating solution for your home. With many different makes and models to choose from, your Bienvenu Brothers service expert can consult you so that you choose a furnace that will be right for you and your family for years to come.

Furnace Replacement or Repair

One of the most important ways you can prepare for colder months is to check your furnace for signs of wear. It can be difficult to know when you should get your furnace repaired or whether you should have your system replaced. At Bienvenu Brothers, our experts help New Orleans, LA homeowners learn about the best time to service a furnace, problems they may encounter and whether to repair or replace a furnace system. If your heating bill increases, your furnace seems to be less effective, repairs are needed more frequently, and your furnace was installed over 15 years ago it may be time to replace your furnace. Call the friendly technicians at Bienvenu Brothers today and make an appointment for your furnace repair or replacement.

After the Installation

You want your home’s critical systems to be safe and reliable, and scheduling furnace cleaning and maintenance can help you prevent a furnace emergency before it happens. Call us at Bienvenu Brothers to schedule an annual inspection and tune-up of your unit. We’ll give it the care it needs to have a long and productive life, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re in the hands of trusted experts.