Water Softeners Installation in Metairie and New Orleans LA

Water Softeners, New Orleans

Are you tired of a hard, scaly film always covering your bathroom fixtures? Hard water contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that dry out your skin and seem to cover every surface in your bathroom. You can get rid of hard water quickly when you install a quality water softener. When you call a professional plumber for water softener installation, you will be impressed by how great the water out of your tap can feel. Bienvenu Brothers provides fast and efficient water softener installation to help keep your pipes clear, your skin soft, and your fixtures clean.

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“We were in a pinch when our kitchen sink stopped up on a Saturday evening of a HOLIDAY WEEKEND with several out of town guests staying with us. We needed to get the kitchen sink unclogged as soon as possible so I called Bienvenu Brothers Plumbing and they went above and beyond what I expected. They arrived on time, were professional and courteous, answered all of our questions, and most importantly got our sink working again! I highly recommend Bienvenu for ALL your plumbing needs!”
- Rozane Keppner

Water Softeners Installation & Maintenance

There are numerous benefits to installing a water softener in your home, including cleaner dishes, softer laundry, better quality drinking water, and even longer lasting plumbing pipes. Those who have experienced hard water in the home before already know how frustrating it can be to deal with.

Expert Tips
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.
When it comes to water softeners, regular maintenance is key to ensuring optimal performance. Just like any other appliance, your water softener needs some TLC to keep it running smoothly. Schedule routine check-ups and cleanings to prevent mineral buildup and extend its lifespan. Additionally, always use high-quality salt pellets to avoid clogging and maintain efficiency. Remember, a well-maintained water softener means softer skin, cleaner dishes, and longer-lasting plumbing fixtures. Trust our professional services in Metairie, LA to keep your water softener in top-notch condition!
- Vint Bienvenu Jr.

The area has a lot of hard water, unfortunately, which means naturally high levels of minerals and ions in the water supply. This can cause numerous problems on your system and your health. Investing in a water softener system can improve the overall quality of water exponentially.

Following an installation, the water softener is capable of breaking down just like any other appliance in the home. Our maintenance services can replace the filter and clean the entire system to ensure it works as directed for years to come. If you notice the system is not functioning as it should, give us a call today for maintenance work.

Water Softeners Repair

Should your water softening system begin to fail or falter over time, as it may ultimately do, it could be time for routine repairs to be made. In order to continue functioning properly and at the quality level you have come to expect, certain parts in the system may need to be replaced. The filters should be changed regularly, the entire system needs to be cleaned, and sometimes things just break down through heavy use. When this happens, our expert technicians can explore the system and discover the exact nature of the problem, fixing it in no time flat. We can have you up and running once more before you know it.

Water softeners are extremely useful tools in ensuring the quality of your water is up to your standards, but they are complex machines through and through. By simply cleaning the tank or the resin bed, you can significantly extend the lifespan of the entire system. This task is best performed by a professional, however, to ensure nothing goes wrong along the way.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Most people know what hard water is, but not many people understand how a water softener works. While we like to think we work magic in people’s home, the science of water softeners is simple. Water softeners contain resin beads that attract minerals that cause hard water. As water is pumped into the water softener, those minerals stick to the resin beads and the water softener pumps out the clean water into your home.

 What Are Some Benefits of Water Softeners?

There are some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of water softeners. We believe you will be surprised at how great you and your home will look and feel after you install a water softener. Some of these benefits include…

  • Cleaner bathroom fixtures
  • Softer skin
  • Vibrant hair
  • Brighter clothing after washing
  • Better water efficiency

Can a water softener be used with lead pipes?

When it comes to installing a water softener, the entire point is to remove the ions that cause water to become hard. This includes calcium and magnesium ions and even iron ions can be removed from the water effectively. The best way to complete this task is to install a water softener unit and connect the system directly to your main water supply. This will effectively remove any problems in your water and ensure you have soft water.

When installing a water softener, it is highly recommended to change your pipes from lead to another more modern material that is far less dangerous. You may know this already, but lead has been known to be quite dangerous. Lead can cause physical and mental disorders, including damaging the reproductive systems of both men and women and harming the neurological processes of the brain. While a water softener will remove ions from the water, it could become overpowered by the lead piping of your water system. Replacing your pipes is an investment worth making.

What boiler and system do I need to use a water softener?

The majority of boiler and water systems can benefit from using a water softener in the water supply. Most water softeners have been designed to work with high and low flow rates from a single water system. Old plumbing systems that use water storage tanks on the roof require a low flow rate, while new plumbing systems use direct high flow rates of water supply. Both work well with a water softener. The softener can also be used with boiling water taps, stainless steel hot water cylinders, distilled water systems, and Combi boilers and those boilers with aluminum heat exchangers installed.

As you can see, most boiler and water systems can benefit from using a water softener. There are very few, if any at all, systems that will not work with a softening system. At one point, misinformation regarding softened water spread throughout the region. Softened water actually helps the entire system run more efficiently, improving all boilers and systems.
The experienced team at Bienvenu Brothers is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding water softeners. All our plumbers are licensed, experienced, and nothing but professional. Let us know how we can improve the quality of your water.

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