Answers to All Your Questions about Hard Water & Water Softeners in New Orleans and Metairie

Our New Orleans plumbers get asked a lot of questions about hard water and what can be done about it. Today we’re answering these important questions so that you’ll have all the information you need to recognize the signs and consequences of hard water and to implement an appropriate solution.
What is hard water?
Hard water is water with a high mineral content.

Is hard water safe to drink?
Yes, in most cases hard water is perfectly safe to consume. Cities remove harmful contaminants and chemicals from water so it is fit for drinking, but they don’t remove the minerals that can cause other issues around your home.
What problems may I face if I have hard water?
There are many household issues that can result from hard water, but some of the most common include: plumbing pipe damage, low water pressure, water heater inefficiency, a shortened lifespan for appliances that use water, dry skin, dry hair, white residue on household items such as coffee pots, dingy linens, and difficult-to-clean plumbing fixtures.
How do I tell if I have hard water?
You can have your water tested to determine its mineral content, but most people can tell that they have hard water because they encounter some of the problems listed above. Hard water will leave more spots on dishes, and you’ll probably be able to see a white, chalky substance on faucets and showerheads.
What can I do about hard water?
Installing a water softener can prevent all of the issues caused by hard water. The water softener will remove excess minerals before they cause problems for your plumbing system and appliances.
What are some of the benefits of a water softener?
A water softener will prevent a buildup of minerals on the interior walls of your plumbing pipes so that you won’t face a decrease in water pressure. It will also help to keep your water heater running efficiently and your appliances operating effectively. Furthermore, softened water is better at removing soap, so your hair and skin will feel softer and healthier. Your bathroom will be easier to clean with less buildup to scrub away, and your detergents and soaps will lather better.
Where can I get a water softener in New Orleans?
You can get a water softener from the expert plumbers at Bienvenu Brothers. Give us a call today, so we can help to improve your water quality in New Orleans!