Why Water from Your Kitchen Faucet in New Orleans Is Better Than Bottled Water

Water Treatment New Orleans LAHow do we judge water? We judge it by its taste, its smell, and its quality. Bottled water advertisements would have you think that your tap water is somehow inferior, but it’s not. Both bottled water and municipal water are subject to strict testing and standards, so both are perfectly safe to drink. Now, we’ve made a bold statement by saying that water from your kitchen faucet in New Orleans is better than bottled water. It’s not better because it’s necessarily safer to consume, because like we said they’re both suitable for drinking, but our plumbers believe that tap water wins out over bottled water for these reasons:
Tap water is less expensive. To pour a glass of water at your kitchen sink is substantially cheaper than to drink a store-bought bottle of water.
Drinking tap water is also more convenient. You won’t need to lug cases of bottled water into your home each week. If you like the convenience of bottled waters on the go, consider buying a reusable water bottle that you can fill with water from your home.
When you drink water from your residential plumbing system, you help to reduce the negative impact that the production and disposal of water bottles has on the environment.
Water from your faucet should taste great. If you think the taste of your tap water could be improved, contact your local plumber to install a water filtration system. Using a water filter will improve the taste of your water and give you added peace of mind that your water is free of harmful contaminants.
At Bienvenu Brothers, we’re here to improve your home’s water quality in any way that is needed. We also offer water softeners for our customers dealing with hard water in New Orleans. For help improving water quality, contact the expert plumbers at Bienvenu Brothers!