How to Pick the Right Faucet for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel in New Orleans

Whether you’re doing a complete plumbing remodel or just can’t wait to get rid of your old, dripping faucet, you need to find a new faucet that will perform great, look great, and LAST! While you might think that any faucet replacement will do the trick, you should know that not all faucets are created equally. Some are unnecessarily pricey, some will develop water leaks, and some will wind up looking dingy and ugly! It’s time to find a balance between quality and cost when choosing a faucet replacement. With these tips on how to choose a faucet from our New Orleans plumbers, you’ll be able to do just that!

Tips for Choosing a New Faucet in New Orleans

Take the faucet finish in to consideration. Did you know that a faucet with a brass finish is likely to tarnish? Did you know that powder-coated enamel can be produced in a variety of colors? There are a ton of other finishes to choose from too including: pewter, stainless steel, brushed chrome, chrome, and gold plating. Make sure you choose a finish that will look good with the rest of your bathroom or kitchen, but also be sure it is a finish that will continue to look great for years.
Get your ideal number of handles. This is really a matter of personal preference. You can choose a faucet with one handle that controls both the hot and cold water, or you can choose a faucet with two handles. If you like the idea of having two handles, think about whether you want them mounted right alongside the spout or separately. Faucets with the handles mounted separately are called widespread faucets and tend to cost a bit more, but they can add a bit of charm that might be the right fit for your kitchen or bathroom!
Be wary of poor-quality interior components. There are sleek, beautifully-designed faucets out there that are hiding cheap, plastic components inside. These components may very well fail, causing water leaks, and cheap valves might make for dangerously abrupt changes in water temperature when you switch from cold to hot. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s on the inside of a faucet, so consult a local plumber who has the experience to know which faucets can withstand the test of time!
Strive to find a faucet with a warranty. Some faucets offer lifetime protection against dripping and leaks. In a world where nothing lasts forever, the longer the warranty, the better!
At Bienvenu Brothers, we have been doing faucet repairs and installations for decades, so we know which faucets are good investments and which ones aren’t worth your hard-earned dollars! For faucet installation in New Orleans and Metairie, give our plumbers a call today!