4 Things You Might Be Doing If It Weren’t For Plumbers in New Orleans & Around the World

Sure, you can always call a New Orleans plumber to repair your water heater, unclog your drains, or install a new garbage disposal, but what if those things never existed? This World Plumbing Day, consider all of the conveniences in our lives that would not be possible without the ground-breaking plumbers of the past. What would you be doing right now if it weren’t for plumbers?

You might be…

Trying to Scrub a Stain Out of Your Shirt with a Washboard – No indoor plumbing means no fancy laundry machines. You grab your bar of soap and a bucket of water and start washing each piece of laundry by hand!
Getting Up in the Middle of the Night to Use the Outhouse – When you gotta go, you gotta go. It’s dark and you think you may have seen a snake slither by, but there’s no bathroom down the hall from your bedroom, so you’ve got to make it to the outhouse!
Fetching Water From the Well or River – On the bright side, hauling in water is much better exercise than turning on a faucet!
Bathing in a Tub of Not-So-Clean Lukewarm Water – Unfortunately, on this particular night, you’re last in line. Because you don’t have interior plumbing pipes or a water heater, the water was warmed up on the stovetop then poured into a tub. Each family member takes turns getting clean, but it’s just too much bother to change the water several times.
Thank goodness for our plumbing predecessors! At Bienvenu Brothers, we’re proud to be a part of such an important industry. For excellent plumbing service in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, give us a call!
Happy World Plumbing Day!