Hot or Not: How to Troubleshoot Hot Water Issues In Your Shower

Is there anything worse than looking forward to a steamy shower only to find the water temperature that can only be described as lukewarm? 

Hot or Not: How to Troubleshoot Hot Water Issues In Your Shower

Many homeowners experience hot water issues at one time or another. While there might be a simple fix, such as adjusting the water heater temperature setting, a lack of hot water in the shower can happen for many reasons, including a malfunctioning water heater, faulty shower valve, or high demand. 

Fun fact: The average shower temperature is 105ºF. Health and safety experts do not recommend water temperatures in the shower or bath exceeding 112ºF. 

Three common causes of low hot water

The next time you find yourself shivering in the shower or taking a tepid bath, make it a point to get to the bottom of the issue. Here are three things to check to troubleshoot hot water issues in your shower.

  • Water heater. In possibly the worst-case scenario, the water heater could be to blame for your lack of hot water in the shower. If the water heater needs repair, you will notice a problem with hot water in more than one fixture in your home. Check to see if hot water is flowing freely from faucets and sinks aside from in the bathroom. If not, head to the water heater to inspect the issue.
  • Shower valve. The shower valve is responsible for mixing hot and cold water. If the shower valve is broken or the O-rings within the valve need replacement, the water will not be mixed properly, resulting in a lack of hot water. 
  • High demand. Have several members of your household taken a shower recently? Or perhaps you are trying to wash a load of laundry, run the dishwasher, and fill the bathtub at the same time? Time of use is a major factor in a reliable hot water supply. As a general rule, you should always allow for approximately 30 minutes between showers or after washing laundry or dishes to ensure your water heater has time to recoup.

When to call a plumber

If none of these areas explain your lukewarm water problem, you might have a larger plumbing project on your hands. Your water heater could be damaged and in need of troubleshooting, repair, or replacement. Or the water heater itself may be unable to keep up with your output demands. 

In any scenario, if you lack enough hot water in your home, talk to the professionals at Bienvenu Brothers. Our experienced team will help you get to the bottom of the problems so you can get back to enjoying the serenity of a hot shower as soon as possible. We proudly serve the New Orleans and Metairie areas, so give us a call today at (504) 835-7783.