4 Reasons to Say Bye to Bottled Water and Enjoy High Quality Tap Water in New Orleans

Environment PollutionOnce a prosperous manufacturing town, Flint, MI is now in the throes of municipal water crisis in which the municipal water supply has been contaminated with lead due to corroded piping. Though instances such as these are rare, Flint’s water crisis has reignited the great debate over tap water quality and whether bottled is better. Is it?
Flint residents are being given bottled water until the pipes that contaminated the water supply are repaired. This measure is only temporary, however. Aside from repairing the corroded pipes, the most effective long term solution with the lowest environmental impact would be the installation of water filters. That’s why 300 volunteer union plumbers from across the country came to Flint in order to install new plumbing fixtures and water filters for residents at no cost! This allowed households to forego their daily ration of bottled water and conveniently enjoy clean, safe water right on tap!
At Bienvenu Brothers, we understand how real concerns over tap water quality can be! We offer a range of services to address these concerns and find the right solution. Whether you’re exploring treatments for hard water in New Orleans or want to have new plumbing fixtures installed, you can rely on Bienvenu Brothers to get the job done!
Here are a few reasons why our plumbers believe in drinking tap water.
It’s budget friendly
Thanks to advertising and flashy packaging, you might think bottled water is sourced from a remote, mountain spring but in reality many brands are just purified tap water sold at 2,900 times the cost. Switching to tap water is an easy way to save!
It’s also environmentally friendly
Tap water is easy on your pocketbook and the environment. The average American uses 167 bottles of water each year but only 38 of those are recycled, wasting $1 billion in plastic. This causes a huge burden for landfills.
Stricter water quality standards
Municipal water supplies are subjected to rigorous testing in order to ensure a high level of tap water quality thanks to the passing of the Safe Water Drinking Act in 1974. Some municipal water supplies are even tested hourly! While bottled water is also regulated, standards for purity aren’t as high.
It might be healthier
Plastic is bad for the environment and your body. Though most bottled water brands advertise BPA-free plastic water bottles, they still may contain immune-disrupting chemicals that can seep into the water over time and especially after heat exposure. Bottled water may even contain phthalates.
Drink to your health and the health of the environment by tapping into water right from your faucet! Let Bienvenu Brothers help you discover what’s on tap in New Orleans!