Common Summer Plumbing Problems in New Orleans and How to Avoid Them

Plunging ToiletDid you know that some plumbing problems are more likely to occur during summer? The cold, harsh conditions of winter bring on a whole slew of plumbing problems that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, and surprisingly, summer can do the same thing! Just because the cold weather is gone doesn’t mean the plumbing problems are too.
While easily prevented, summer plumbing problems can really put in a plug in your summertime fun, so it’s best to avoid them altogether with regular plumbing maintenance. At Bienvenu Brothers, our highly reviewed New Orleans plumbing services utilize the latest innovations in plumbing technology to resolve common plumbing issues during the summer and throughout the year.
Learn how to avoid these common summer plumbing problems with these simple tips.
Plugged up plumbing
New Orleans is famous for its flavorful Cajun summer cuisine, but kitchen waste such corn cobs, heavy bones, grease should always been thrown in the trash and not in the garbage disposal. If used properly, a garbage disposal is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of things like crab shells, starchy leftovers like pasta and vegetable peals.  Always run lots of cold water while grinding and continue to run cold water for about 15 to 20 seconds after grinding is completed.  Failure to do so can lead to a bad taste in your mouth in the form of a clog! Similarly, items such as baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine care products will clog your toilet, so it’s best to dispose of these in the trash. Summer temperatures means your air conditioning unit will be running, so be sure there is no leakage around the blower compartment caused by a clogged pipe or a malfunctioning reservoir pump.
Standing water in your basement
Summer thunderstorms soak the ground with water and significantly increase the likelihood of basement flooding, therefore it’s important to ensure your sump pump is working at all times. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Sump pump maintenance is the best way to avoid standing in standing water, as well as the costly damage that goes along with it. Consider upgrading to a battery backup sump pump, which will keep your basement dry even if the power cuts out during a summer storm.
Backed up sewer line
As with basement flooding, summer thunderstorms increase the likelihood of a sewer line backup. That’s because the excess water can overwhelm the sewer lines, as rainwater enters sewer pipes via cracks. New tree root growth during the spring can also cause a backup when nutrient-seeking roots plant themselves in sewer pipes and mature during the summer. Installing drain plugs in your home is only a temporary solution for preventing sewer line backups. Our root destroyer treatment and video camera inspections are the best way to prevent this plumbing problem!
Enjoy a summer free of these and other plumbing problems by calling Bienvenu Brothers at the first sign of plumbing trouble. You can rely on our friendly and experienced New Orleans plumbers to get the job done.