Could You Have a Water Leak in New Orleans & Not Even Know It?

Water Leaks Repairs New Orleans LANot all water leaks make a drip, drip, drip noise like a leaky. In fact, there are some water leaks that you won’t be able to see or hear at faucet But, just because you can’t hear them or see them doesn’t mean you won’t pay for them. If you have a hidden water leak, you’re paying extra money on your water bills, and potentially the leak is damaging something around your home. Find out if you have a hidden water leak by watching out for these signs!

 Hidden Water Leak Signs
  • High Water Bills – Have you received an abnormally high water bill? If so, water may be escaping through a broken pipe without you knowing.
  • Wet Marks on Ceilings or Walls – Plumbing pipes can be found in a variety of places around your home, and therefore there are a wide range of places that could become wet from a leaky pipe.
  • Mold & Mildew – Musty odors are often created when mold and mildew grow around the wet area created by a water leak.
  • Foundation Cracks – It’s not uncommon for foundation cracks to appear over time as a home settles, but cracks that develop suddenly may be a sign that a water leak is damaging the structure of your home.
  • Running Water Noises – You shouldn’t hear running water noises coming from a toilet or anywhere else when water isn’t being used.
  • Decreased Water Pressure – If you find yourself suddenly unsatisfied with your home’s water pressure, it could be because some of your water is leaking out before it can get to you.

At Bienvenu Brothers, we can help you to find and fix leaky plumbing pipes in New Orleans. Before the problem escalates, give your friendly, local plumbers a call!