Plumbing Systems Commonly Seen in New Orleans

Sump Pumps & Sewage Service New OrleansIn some ways, plumbing issues in New Orleans are no different than anywhere else. But New Orleans is a unique city and with that, has some unique plumbing issues.
In this article, Bienvenu Brothers looks at the plumbing systems that a commonly seen in New Orleans.

Backflow Prevention

Having safe and drinkable water come out of the faucet is a luxury you don’t fully appreciate until it’s gone. There are many ways your clean water supply can become contaminated, but we typically see this happen related to backflow issues. In New Orleans water supply systems, the water is maintained at a specific pressure that enables water to flow from the faucet or shower as needed by the homeowner. However, sometimes a loss in pressure can cause contaminated water from the ground, a storage source, or other places to be drawn up into the clean supply.

Sewage and Sump Pumps

A sewage pump is are used when there are toilets below the public or private sewer line. If waste can’t flow to the sewer line by gravity, the waste has to be lifted to be discharged into the sewer. These pumps are able to pump solids and liquids from the sump or tank up to the sewer.
A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basement of homes.

Tree Root Damage Prevention

If you think you might have roots in your pipes, drain, or sewer system, you will want to call a professional plumber for root destroyer treatments. Without proper attention, roots can cause a multitude of issues like damaging pipes, decomposing roots can cause a build-up of toxic gas, and of course costly pipe damage, leading to leaks, water damage, and other issues.

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