When to Call a Professional Plumbing Service for Plumbing Repairs in New Orleans

Frustrated Woman Calling PlumberThe DIY craze has been in full effect for some time now, fueled by the accessibility and popularity of video tutorials and online guides. Although many of these projects can be time and money saving, some jobs, such as certain plumbing repairs, should only be performed by a professional. Attempting to fix plumbing problems yourself, can not only be frustrating, but it can also be dangerous in some cases.
When it comes to plumbing repairs, allow the plumbing professionals at Bienvenu Brothers to help you help yourself by relying on our top-notch New Orleans plumbing service. As we move forward into the fourth generation of the Bienvenu Family serving the Greater New Orleans area, we will continue to seek out the latest skills to better serve our client’s needs. That is why our licensed plumbers have the experience and the right equipment to properly diagnose and perform plumbing repairs that DIYers should never attempt.
Here are five examples of plumbing repairs that you should only trust Bienvenu to do:
Modifications to your plumbing system
Extending a hot water line is an example of plumbing system modifications that even the most capable of DIYers should not attempt. The copper piping often used for hot water must be soldered properly with a blowtorch, and that itself requires special training and experience.
Sump pump repairs
Like any other plumbing fixture in your home, a sump pump will experience wear and tear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Sump pumps play a critical role in preventing basement flooding and the water damage it can cause, so it’s important to have a professional plumber clean, maintain, and repair it as needed. Professionals have the right equipment to maintain your sump pump and the expertise to do so properly.
Septic tank repairs
Septic tanks are complex waste removal systems and require the expertise of highly trained plumbing professional when they’re in need of repair. Although common problems such as a leaks and backups caused by clogs can make a big stink, leave the plumbing repairs to the professionals to ensure the job is done thoroughly and safely.
Gas line installation or replacement
Gas line repairs are among some of the most hazardous plumbing repairs and should only be performed by a licensed plumber. Improperly installed gas lines can lead to dangerous leaks that may put you and your household at risk. Not only do professional plumbers know how to safely work with gas-based appliances, but they’re also aware of any permits that may be required for installation.
Drains that are always clogged
If your bathtub or sink drains are always getting clogged, put down the drain cleaner and pick up the phone to call our professional plumbing service. While harsh chemical drain cleaners will help clear clogs caused by grease and soap residue, they are generally not that effective in removing clogs caused by hair and using them too often can cause more harm than good. Also, clogged drains may be a symptom of much more serious plumbing problem.
Trying to do any kind intricate plumbing work yourself can lead to a wet, expensive mess. Even simple repairs can lead to plumbing repairs when not done properly. For no mess and no stress plumbing service in New Orleans, call Bienvenu Brothers!