The Heartless Ways Plumbing Problems and Water Damage Can Cause Heartache on Valentine’s Day

ToiletForgetting to do something special for your valentine is pretty heartless, but forgetting to be proactive about your plumbing maintenance is so much worse! Neglecting what you may think are minor issues will only lead to major plumbing problems and heartache down the road. For example, a plumbing emergency that began with a small leak can cause extensive amounts of water damage in only a few minutes. You can take measures to reduce those chances by addressing plumbing problems as they come.
If there’s anyone who understands how heartbreaking plumbing problems and water damage can be its Bienvenu Brothers. Providing professional plumbing services to the Greater New Orleans area since 1937 has allowed us to gain a wealth of plumbing experience and skill. You can trust our expertise to handle any kind of plumbing issue. We’ve seen and fixed it all!
Here are a few heartbreaking ways plumbing problems and water damage can leave you high and not so dry on Valentine’s Day.
Smelly laundry
If your laundry and washing machine smell a little off, it could be because you’re doing too many loads in cold water. Although it’s a great way to save energy and money, it can also make it harder for odorous residue to wash away. Try doing the hottest load of laundry last on wash day to dissolve any buildup. Never let your wet laundry sit in the basin for too long or else you’ll return to dingy, musty smelling laundry.
Bubbly wallpaper and ceiling stains
A hot shower is a loving way to pamper yourself but all that heat and moisture isn’t loving towards your bathroom wallpaper. Over time, it will begin to bubble and wrinkle. Similarly, unsightly water damage from a hidden water leak can stain the ceiling below your bathroom and promote mold growth. Knowing how to find a hidden water leak can help you stay on top of this issue.
Frozen and burst piping
Insurance industry research statistics reveal that 37% of U.S. homeowners have suffered losses from water damage, the majority of which are the result of burst piping. Thousands of dollars in water damage can occur in only a few moments after a pipe bursts. Winterizing your plumbing is one of the best ways to minimize the chances of this plumbing emergency.
Overflowing toilet
A clogged toilet can cause an embarrassing overflow. Only flush small amounts of toilet paper down your toilet at a time, not items such as baby wipes, dental floss, and paper towels that belong in the trash! But rest assure if you do have a clog, our drain cleaning service keeps things flowing smoothly.
Worried about a Valentine’s Day plumbing heartache? Call Bienvenu Brothers for help with these heartbreaking plumbing problems and more!