What Type of Water Softeners to Consider for Your Home

contrast shower with water streamAre your dishes still dirty after washing them? Are your freshly-laundered clothes still unclean? You may be experiencing a hard water problem! Don’t worry – this is a normal problem that many homeowners face. When it comes to solving hard water issues, a water softener can come in handy.
Water softeners seek to soften hard water through the substitution of sodium chloride (salt) for hard minerals, such as calcium deposits.
Here are some of the main types of water softeners:

  • Salt-based ion exchange softener.
  • Salt-free water softener.
  • Magnetic water softener.
  • Dual tank water softener.

And, here are some considerations when it comes to purchasing the right type of water softener for your home

  • Size is key! When you’re choosing between water softeners, you’ll want to get one that can efficiently meet the demands of your household…without being too big in size.
  • It’s also important to become well-acquainted with the various features that different water softeners include. For example: you may want a water softener that has a time control, so that you can customize or preset your unit.
  • Buying vs. leasing. A plumbing expert can help you decide whether to buy or lease your water softener, depending on what makes the most sense for your home and budget.

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