Common Summer Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for in Metairie & New Orleans

Do you know which yummy summer foods should never go in your garbage disposal? Did you know that summer downpours can create serious problems for your sewer? Do you know who’s most likely to clog up your toilet this summer? Our Metairie plumbers tackle a lot of the same plumbing problems summer after summer, and we’re here to help you to prevent these issues or spot them early before they get worse!Summer Plumbing Problems Metairie & New Orleans
Foods That Your Garbage Disposal Fears

  • Don’t grind large amounts of Egg Shells, Corn Cobs, Watermelon, or Large Bones – These foods are all too hard to go into your garbage disposal. Rather than risk breaking a blade, toss these and other hard items into the trashcan.
  • Grease & Cooking Oil – While it might seem easy to just discard these down the drain, doing so is one of the most common ways to clog drains and your garbage disposer.
  • Uncooked Pasta & Rice – These foods expand when water is added, so it makes sense that they could clog up your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t grind fibrous materials like Corn Husks, Artichokes, Celery & other fibrous veggies to avoid drain blockage. They are tough for garbage disposals to tackle and can get tangled around blades.

Aside from keeping these foods out, you can also do your garbage disposal a favor by using it year round, not just when you have guests. Always run water down the drain as you operate it and don’t let it fill up too far before turning it on. Don’t turn off disposer until grinding is completed and only sound of motor and water is heard.
Reasons That Your Sewer Might Have Issues During the Summer

  • Sudden excessive rains can seep into small cracks in your sewer lines. All of this extra water can prevent your sewer lines from working properly, allowing backup into your home.
  • Tree roots sometimes grow towards sewer lines for nutrition; then they sneak into tiny cracks and expand causing blockages.

Whatever the reason for a sewer backup, you should call a plumber for sewer service right away! Don’t give this problem time to get worse because it can get messy!
How to Help Prevent Your Kids (Or Anyone Else) From Clogging the Toilet
That’s right, kids that are home from school all summer are often the toilet-clogging-culprits!

  • Teach your kids about using the appropriate amount of toilet paper.
  • Keep paper towels, wipes, and other garbage out of the toilet.
  • Place a small trashcan in the bathroom so it will be convenient to discard garbage properly.

At Bienvenu Brothers, we’re here to help with plumbing repairs and installations all summer long, so that you can enjoy time outdoors with your family! If you need to hire a plumber in Metairie or New Orleans to fix one of the above plumbing issues or for any other plumbing repair give us a call!