Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Drain Clog in New Orleans

Water DrainIn their angst and hurry to clear a clogged drain in New Orleans, many people make unwise decisions. Their hope is that if they can clear the drain themselves, they won’t need to call a plumber. But with many DIY drain cleaning methods you run the risk of doing more harm than good. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid these poor drain cleaning choices.
Unbending a Coat Hanger to Stick down Your Drain – When faced with a drain blockage, some people have tried to reach down into the drain with a coat hanger or other object in hopes of breaking up the clog. While we can appreciate this creative attempt at problem solving, we can assure you that the success rate is very low. It is difficult to maneuver a coat hanger and you’re liable to get it stuck in your plumbing pipe.
Drain Cleaning Chemicals – We understand why people opt for store-bought drain cleaning chemicals—they’re cheap and they claim to do a good job. Unfortunately, these chemicals are unlikely to solve your clogged drain issue. You may find some temporary success, but your drain clog is likely to come back, sending you to the store for more hazardous chemicals. Repeated use of these caustic chemicals can damage your plumbing pipes causing further issues, and these chemicals must also be handled with absolute care as they can cause burns to skin and eyes.
The Garden Hose – Please, save yourself from a huge mess and just leave the garden hose outside. While people believe flooding their drain with high-pressured water will blast away their clog, the garden hose is simply not the right equipment for the job. Don’t risk damaging your plumbing system with this poor DIY method.
Are you convinced that you should clean your drain out the right way? Hiring a professional plumber for drain cleaning service is worth every penny. At Bienvenu Brothers, we’ll save you the time, hassle, and dangers by clearing your drains out the right way. For drain cleaning service in New Orleans, give us a call today!