Do You Have One of These Floor Drain Problems in New Orleans?

Floor Drain Problems New Orleans
Your floor drain is very important because if a plumbing pipe breaks or the basementfloods with water from the outside, water can make its way down the drain. The faster water is able to drain out of your basement, the less water damages will occur. So it makes sense that you’ll want your floor drain to be in proper working order at all times in case of a plumbing emergency. But sometimes floor drains in New Orleans have their own problems that need to be taken care of. If you experience any of the following issues with your floor drains, give Bienvenu Brothers a call for plumbing service right away!
Water That Pools around the Floor Drain & Doesn’t Subside
If your floor drain has trouble draining water, you may have a pipe blockage. In many cases, the clog is comprised of debris like soap, grease, and hair, and it can be removed with drain cleaning service. However, sometimes a sewer pipe breaks and fills in with dirt, causing the blockage. This is more serious, and you will need a pipe repair or replacement.
Foul Odors Emanating from Your Floor Drain
If odors are coming up from the sewer through your floor drain, there’s a chance that insects are making their way up as well. Usually odors occur when the trap is dry. Try dumping a small amount of water down the drain to refill the trap and block the odors and insects. If this doesn’t work, call your local plumber for sewer service.
No Overflow from Your Floor Drain Ever
While this may seem like a good thing, sometimes it is a sign that you have a broken sewer pipe. When a large amount of water is sent down your pipes all at once—such as when toilets are flushed while laundry and dishes are being washed—it is normal for there to be a small amount of water overflow in your floor drain, to prevent the main drain pipe from receiving too much pressure. If your floor drain never has any overflow, there’s a chance that you have a broken sewer pipe and that wastewater is escaping into the ground. If you suspect this may be occurring, contact your local plumbing company right away.
At Bienvenu Brothers, we are experienced in a wide variety of residential plumbing services and can diagnose and repair any issues that you’re having with your floor drains in New Orleans. Just contact us for fast, friendly service whenever you spot a plumbing problem at your home!