Embarrassing Plumbing Problems in New Orleans That Can Plug Up Your Holiday

Embarrassing Plumbing ProblemsIn the Big Easy, all the stops are pulled out in celebration of the holiday season. But embarrassing plumbing problems can quickly put a stop to your festivities if they aren’t quickly addressed.
Here at Bienvenu Brothers, we understand how holiday preparations, celebrations, and even household guests can put a strain on your home’s plumbing. Since 1937, we’ve proudly served the New Orleans community with our courteous and reliable service during the holiday season.
Here are five of the most common, embarrassing holiday plumbing problems in New Orleans with simple solutions.
Garbage disposal problems
Garbage disposals are not garbage bins and certain things simply do not belong in them. Fats, grease, oils, starchy vegetable peels and even hard bones can clog and damage your garbage disposal. These items should be thrown in the trash or the compost pile. Always run cold water when your garbage disposal is on to keep things moving. To get rid of unpleasant odor, try running cold water into your garbage disposal along with ice cubes. Vinegar, table salt, and even lemon peel can also be used to de-gunk and de-funk your garbage disposal, along with eco-friendly drain cleaners like Bio-Clean. Bienvenu Brothers Plumbing is an authorized distributor.
Clogged toilets
Similar to your kitchen garbage disposal, certain kinds of waste can damage or clog your toilet. Dental floss, cotton balls, and even medication are examples of things that should not be flushed down the toilet. A waste basket kept next to your toilet allows your guests to conveniently dispose of items that cannot and should not be flushed. Be sure to keep a plunger within reach just in case. Keep in mind that a toilet that repeatedly clogs despite these measures may not be set at the correct water level or could have a damaged flapper.
Clogged drains
Clogged shower drains are often the result of an accumulation of hair and soap residue, which is why regularly cleaning your drain is so important. You can prevent a backup of shower water during a shower by keeping the drain free and clear of debris. A drain screen can help catch hair before it’s rinsed down the drain and save you the embarrassment of a backed up shower!
Not enough hot water
To keep up with the increased demand for hot water during the holidays try turning up your water heater to boost its capacity. This may help increase the supply of hot water for you and your guests to shower and do laundry. For everyone’s comfort and safety, never turn your water temperature up higher than 125 degrees. Also consider installing a tankless water heater to prevent running out of hot water all together.
Faulty toilet handles
A loose toilet handle can waste water by preventing your toilet from flushing properly. This is usually caused by a chain with too much length that gets caught under the flapper, allowing water to continue to run into the bowl. Wiggling the handle releases it while letting the flapper drop into its proper place. You fix this by simply trimming the excess length off the chain to keep it taut. Damaged and worn flappers can also cause problems similar to this so be sure to inspect it carefully. No one wants to have to tell their guest to jiggle the handle. Instead, call us today and we’ll come out and fix this before your guest arrive.
We want your holiday season in the Big Easy to be just that; big and easy. Give us a call and our skilled New Orleans plumbers will be happy to help you flush your plumbing problems away this holiday!