5 Reasons We Love Celebrating World Plumbing Day in New Orleans!

worldplumbingdayNew Orleanians always have a reason to celebrate something and World Plumbing Day is no exception! Designated as a day to recognize the integral role plumbing plays in the lives and health of the global community, World Plumbing Day is celebrated annually on March 11th. This important day was created in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council (WPC) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO).
The message of World Plumbing Day is especially important to us here at Bienvenu Brothers. During the three generations that we’ve proudly served the greater New Orleans community, we’ve seen several advancements made in plumbing technology and techniques. By combining this technology with our decade’s worth of experience, we’re able to provide you with the best plumbing services in New Orleans.  As we move forward into the fourth generation of the Bienvenu Family serving the Greater New Orleans area, we will continue to seek out the latest skills to better serve our client’s needs.    
Here are 5 reasons to celebrate World Plumbing Day in New Orleans.
Clean and safe drinking water
Without indoor plumbing and a proper sanitation or sewer system, the risk of spreading waterborne illnesses and other diseases increases significantly. Data from the WPC reveals that 1.6 million people die each year as a result of preventable diarrheal diseases caused by drinking contaminated water.
Water right on tap
Indoor plumbing is still considered one of the greatest technological achievements to come out of the Industrial Revolution. Before indoor plumbing, water had to be fetched from a well or a body of water and hauled all the way back home. Isn’t it nice to have clean water coming right out of your faucet from the comfort of your home?
Set it and forget it laundry
Today’s modern washing machines make doing laundry a snap, but imagine washing all your laundry by hand in a river or in a basin using a washboard? It’s definitely not a pretty — or a fun — picture!
A nice, hot bath
There are some things you probably aren’t willing to share with your family and bath water is one of them! Before the convenience of indoor plumbing, families heated water on a stove and poured it into a basin for bathing. Members took turns bathing in the same water so being first in line was a luxury!
Bathroom bliss
Having to share bathwater would be bad enough but just think of what life would be like without flushing toilets! Imagine going outside to do your business every day and in every kind of weather. This was the harsh — and stinky — reality of life without indoor plumbing!
We’re glad these days are behind us, and we’re proud to be part of such an important, life-changing industry. To see how much easier our New Orleans plumbing service can make your life, call Bienvenu Brothers today! Happy World Plumbing Day!