Ways You Can Handle the Hardships of Hard Water This Winter in New Orleans

Old Chrome Tap Dripping WaterWinter is hard enough without having to deal with hard water! Chilly temperatures cause dry, itchy skin and lackluster hair, and hard water only makes these issues worse. It also leaves your laundry in rough shape and causes it to look dingy no matter how clean it is. The same goes for your dishes! Hard water leaves behind spots or a filmy residue even after dishes are washed. All of these problems are because soaps and detergents simply cannot work as well in hard water.
But these problems aren’t the hardest or worst part of having hard water. The minerals in hard water can damage plumbing pipes by depositing along their interior walls and forming a buildup of scale. Not only does this decrease water pressure throughout your home, but it also shortens the lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines and causes them to work improperly.
While “soft” water has no mineral impurities, hard water has large amounts of calcium and magnesium. You may be surprised to know that the majority of American homes have hard water. Hard water statistics from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) show that 85% of American households have hard water. Could your home be a part of that percentage?
After being in business for four generations, we’ve experienced our fair share of plumbing problems caused by hard water. You can rely on our expertise in dealing with these issues to get the job done right! We offer a number of different plumbing services to address problems caused by hard water, including our new faucet installation service and water softening and conditioning.
Water softeners use salts to rid hard water of its excess mineral content and are highly effective at preventing scale buildup in plumbing pipes and appliances. Their initial cost may be high, but many consumers believe their benefits outweigh the cost.
An easy and affordable alternative to water softeners is to install point of use water filters in your bathroom and kitchen. These can be fitted over your faucets and showerhead and are still effective in treating hard water, but they won’t prevent scale buildup in your plumbing. If you’re concerned about your drinking water, water pitcher filters are another simple, effective, yet affordable water treatment option.
There are always home remedies that can be used to combat the effects of hard water. Did you know good ol’ fashioned distilled white vinegar is an excellent way to combat the effects of hard water? Use it in your washing machine’s rinse cycle for softer and cleaner looking clothes. It can also be used as a rinse aid in your dishwasher for sparkling dishes and to remove buildup from your coffee maker. Skip the expensive hair masques and use diluted apple cider vinegar to revive hair that’s been made dull by hard water!
Home remedies and water filters are great ideas, but for a permanent and comprehensive solution for your hard water problems call Bienvenu Brothers so we can design the best treatment plan for you.