Understanding the Meaning of Strange Plumbing Sounds in New Orleans

Understanding The Meaning Of Strange Plumbing Sounds In New OrleansPlumbing problems can be noisy even though they’re often difficult to see. If your plumbing pipes are making strange noises, you have reason to be alarmed. This could mean that there are unseen plumbing problems which need attention right away.
A big part of plumbing maintenance is preventing minor issues from becoming major plumbing problems. Paying attention to the strange sounds your plumbing pipes make and calling Bienvenu Brothers at the first “sound” of trouble is key to avoiding plumbing problems down the road. Our expert plumbing repairs can silence even the noisiest plumbing pipes!
Have you heard any of these strange sounds coming from your plumbing pipes in New Orleans?

  • Shower whooshing This noise is hard to ignore, especially since it’s caused by hard water! The high mineral content of hard water can cause a buildup to form in your plumbing pipes and hot water heater over time. This plaque can eat through your plumbing pipes and cause water leaks.
  • Rattling and shaking plumbing pipes If you can’t flush the toilet without your plumbing pipes shaking, this could mean that the pipes are held in place securely. Test the fittings to make sure they’re not loose.
  • Gurgling or gulping Drains that smell bad and make gurgling or gulping noises could be sign that the vent pipe on the top of your roof is blocked. This causes bad odors and gases to flow right back into your home, where they can linger. Check the vent opening to make sure nothing is blocking it.
  • Hammering or loud thuds If you hear a loud hammering noise or a distinct thump after turning off a faucet, your water pressure could be a little too high. A great way to prevent this noise is to have our plumbers install a water pressure regulator or shock absorbers in your plumbing pipes.
  • Whistling Your water pressure might be too low and cause your plumbing fixtures to whistle if their in use. If you have a water pressure regulator, you can adjust it as necessary. This noise could also mean that air or debris is lodged in your plumbing pipes, so call us for a plumbing inspection right away.

After over 70 years in the business, we’ve heard a thing or two when it comes to noisy plumbing problems! You can always trust Bienvenu Brothers’ expertise in performing plumbing repairs in New Orleans. Call us to schedule plumbing service for your noisy plumbing pipes today!