10 Do’s and Don’ts for Reducing Water Contamination in New Orleans

No Drugs Down The ToiletIs your household among the 286 million people that rely on community water systems for tap water, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control? Even if you use well water, doing what you can to reduce water contamination helps to preserve our community’s water quality and ensures its safety. Although farms and industries are some of main contributors to water contamination, households can also unknowingly contribute.
A great way to take action and reduce water contamination in New Orleans is to stay on top of plumbing maintenance. Bienvenu Brothers is committed to providing eco-friendly plumbing service in New Orleans at competitive pricing. Our bio-clean drain treatment is an example of the “green” plumbing technology we use to perform plumbing repairs. Our experienced plumbers are dedicated to performing plumbing repairs in an environmentally responsible way.
If everyone works together and does their part, water contamination can be significantly reduced and even eliminated altogether! Here’s how to get started.
DON’T forget to keep your vehicle properly maintained. Automotive fluids contain dangerous toxins that end up in storm drains and groundwater when they leak onto driveways. Go to a car wash instead of washing your car yourself. By law, carwashes have to empty wastewater in the sewer system where it can be properly treated.
DON’T use asphalt or concrete as ground cover if you can avoid it. Porous materials such as gravel, paver stones, wood are a more sustainable choice. Harder materials make it easy for chemical runoff to make its way into groundwater.
DON’T pour chemical cleaners, paints, oil, or other harsh chemicals down the drain. Call the local sanitation or environmental health department for safe hazardous waste disposal options.
DON’T feel bad about reporting a corporation, local business, or neighbor that’s disposing of waste illegally. Contact a local environmental association immediately if you witness suspect behavior. Remember, it’s for the greater good!
DON’T exceed the recommend amount of dish soap and laundry detergent. Switch to an eco-friendly brand that’s easy on the environment but still tough on dirt and grime.
DO make a compost pile out of kitchen scraps such as fruit and vegetable peels. It’s an effective and sustainable alternative to harsh chemical fertilizer.
DO drop off expired or unused medication at the pharmacy instead of flushing it down the toilet or drain.
DO remember to clean up after pets. The bacteria in pet waste can contaminate water and cause water-borne illness. Yuck!
DO keep the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides to a minimum or don’t use them at all. Explore organic gardening options.
DO wait for fat, grease, and cooking oil to solidify in a container instead of pouring down the drain, which is tough on your plumbing and the environment. Toss it in the trash instead.
Taking steps to reduce water contamination helps to protect the water quality in New Orleans. Allow Bienvenu Brothers to help you do your part with our professional plumbing services!