How to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

Save on winter energy billsEnergy bills during the winter months tend to be notoriously expensive in comparison to the rest of the year. The cold weather means that most of us will be cranking up the heat to stay cozy. However, there are a few DIY and easy-to-follow tricks to keep your energy bills at a minimum this wintertime.

Update Old Weatherstripping

Old, worn, and damaged weatherstripping on doors and windows can cause severe drafts and let in a lot of unwanted cold air. Up to 12% of a home’s heat is lost due to unsatisfactory weatherstripping. This means that many will turn up the heating in order to stay warm, not realizing that they can replace their weatherstripping, improving the heat in their home.

Fill Holes in Exterior Walls

There are a number of reasons as to why there may be holes in the exterior walls of your home. Gas lines, pipes, and cables may enter your home from the outside and not have been filled correctly. This can cause drafts and cold air to enter the home – as well as mice and insects. Expanding foam, which can be obtained from most hardware stores, is a great way to fill these unwanted gaps.

Use a Portable Heater

Instead of turning the heat up high, why not invest in a portable heater to stay warm? A portable heater is great to warm one room or space in your home, as it is often unnecessary to heat every room in the house. Not only will you be extra cozy, you’ll also be reducing your heating bill.

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