How to Fix a Running Toilet in New Orleans

How to Fix a Running Toilet in New OrleansIs your toilet running? You better go catch it then! But seriously, a running toilet is no laughing matter. You can waste up to 6000 gallons of water a month and that is money being flushed away from your New Orleans home.
How Does My Toilet Work?
Your tank is always filled with water. When you push on that magic handle, the chain lifts a flapper that lets the water fall into the toilet bowl. As the water level drops in the tank, the flapper drops and closes the opening.
Inside the tank is a plastic float. As the water drains into the toilet bowl, the float drops and the valve knows to fill up the tank. When the float returns to its original location, the valve should know to stop adding water to the tank.
Sound simple enough?
Okay, here’s a couple easy tips to hopefully help you take care of that running toilet. Be prepared, you are going to be getting your hands wet!
First take the lid off the tank and take a look inside. See the flapper? Is it closing properly or is something keeping it from making a good seal?
Does the level of the water look correct? Pull up on the float slightly and see if the water stops running. If that does the trick, a minor adjustment to the float may be all it needs.
If minor adjustments to either of these essential parts do not solve your problem, you probably need a more experienced touch. Check out our money saving coupons and then give us a call. The Bienvenu family has been helping New Orleans with all their plumbing needs since 1937.