What You Need to Know About High Efficiency Water Heaters in New Orleans

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair New Orleans, LAWhen you turn on the hot water faucet, how long does it take to heat up? Have you wondered how much water you are going to waste every time you twist that handle?
Let’s discuss the benefits that more and more homeowners are experiencing now that they have upgraded to high efficiency water heaters in their New Orleans homes.
Save Energy Costs
High Efficiency water heaters use less energy than their standard counterparts, often up to 50% less. These models heat water “on demand,” so they take less time to heat that water, and are well insulated. They may start out costing more, but the energy savings alone make the investment a wise choice for the pocketbook. As a bonus, most states offer tax rebate incentives for the upgrade as well.
Low Maintenance
High efficiency models tend to have lower maintenance costs. “You get what you pay for” is reflected by the higher guidelines in the building of this type of water heaters. They often boast up to a 15 year warranty.
Go Green
By using less energy, high efficiency water heaters cause less air pollution. The extended length of service also decreases the need for landfill space for units disposed of. Units are more often repaired instead of replaced, whenever possible, unlike traditional water heater units.
If upgrading to a high efficiency water heater sounds like a smart investment to you, check out our money saving coupons and then give us a call. The Bienvenu family has been helping New Orleans with all their water heater needs since 1937.