4 Health Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In the summer, you can find your home feeling muggy – even if the air conditioning is running. And in some cases, when your AC or heating system runs frequently, you might notice the air in your home feels dry. Humidity levels are a tricky science. Both too-high and too-low of humidity can wreak havoc on your home and health. 

The recommended “sweet spot” for indoor humidity is between 30-50%. A whole-home dehumidifier is a convenient way to maintain a healthy humidity level within your home, typically in the spring and summer months – but can be used year-round.

Ways a whole-home dehumidifier or humidifier can enhance your household

4 Health Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

There are many benefits of having a dehumidifier or humidifier system within your home, including:

  1. Less risk for virus spreading and bacteria growth. Viruses and bacteria typically thrive and spread in moist environments. Maintaining indoor humidity between 30% and 50% can help reduce the risk of viruses and bacterias entering the air you breathe. Whole-home dehumidifiers also drastically reduce the growth of mold spores, which can lead to unwanted health problems.
  1. Decreased congestion caused by dry nasal passages. Dry air within your home can lead to congestion and sore throat. Many people also frequently complain of increased headaches when humidity levels are not within the desired range.
  1. Fewer symptoms for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Asthma and allergy sufferers often experience decreased symptoms when humidity levels are in a healthy range. If you or a loved one living in your home suffers from these common ailments, a whole-home dehumidifier might be one of the best investments you can make for their health and comfort.
  1. Healthier skin, scalp, and hair. Moisture levels are extremely important for maintaining healthy skin. This includes scalp and hair health, too. If you find you have increased dandruff or dry scalp in the winter months, or feel like your skin is never properly hydrated, the humidity levels within your home might be to blame. A whole-home dehumidifier will ensure your indoor air quality falls within a healthy range.

Talk to an HVAC expert about whole-home dehumidifiers or humidifiers

Many homeowners use small, portable humidifiers or dehumidifiers to manage indoor humidity levels. These units are OK in a pinch but require frequent attention and only service a small area. A better approach is installing a whole-home dehumidifier that works with your existing HVAC system and efficiently controls the humidity level in your entire home, throughout the year. 

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