Humidifiers in New Orleans & Metairie, LA

Humidifiers New Orleans & Metairie, LAWhole house humidifiers differ from portable humidifiers in that they are installed directly into your home’s heating and cooling system. Because whole house humidifiers are so effective at spreading an even level of moisture throughout your home, they’re widely thought to be the best type of humidifier for your health and comfort level.
There are many benefits of owning a whole house humidifier:

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- Rozane Keppner

They’re energy efficient. Since whole house humidifiers can make you feel warmer at lower temperatures, you won’t need to turn up the thermostat to feel comfortable – which could help you save money on your heating bill!
They’re better for your health. In environments that contain little to no humidity or are extremely dry, your risk of catching a cold or other types of illness flourishes. This is why whole house humidifiers are great for your health – they help to inject the right amount of moisture and humidity into your environment, so you’re reducing your chances of getting sick. Not to mention, an overly dry environment certainly isn’t comfortable for anyone!
They prevent damage to your home. Did you know that dry air can actually damage certain elements of your home, such as your furniture, plaster, or wood floors? Or that too-dry air can cause harmful static charges in your electronics? It’s true – low humidity can mean bad news for some of your household’s most important items! Having a whole house humidifier will help ensure that your home stays damage-free.

Here at Bienvenu Brothers, we’re committed to providing superior indoor air quality for all. Supplying your home with one of our top-notch whole house humidifiers will help contribute to the health of your home and your personal health.